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          Beatriz Milian, deputy director of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC), said that since July 2016, a pilot test had been carried out in the country to implement the payment gateway, which would allow real-time transactions between commercial banks and customers.
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          superorganismShips sit idle by a dried-up river bed in Yun county, Shiyan city of Hubei province, April 11, 2013.China ranks 13th among the 15 countries that are accumulatively responsible for 70 percent of the worlds overall manufacturing output; it lags far behind developed countries such as Japan and the United States.biomechanicsBy 2:40 pm on Monday, a total of 285 people without the Shanghai hukou had gone to the administration to apply for travel documents, and 76 of them took the online reservation.Firefighters search for people in the rubble after the ground collapsed at a university in Leshan, Oct 15, 2012.Related:When an only child dies, hope evaporatesDrone sets a record with 30-hour flightA new Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle set a record for the countrys remote-sensing drones by flying for more than 30 consecutive hours, the Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping, its developer, announced on Wednesday.intersexuality

          He has become a Twitter sensation in less than a day, while raising one important question before he leaves Brazil: Will the 35-year-old goalkeeper be back for the next World Cup four years from now in Russia? When youre in the public eye, its part of what you have to deal with, Howard said Wednesday of the hype from his record-setting World Cup.This was released on Thursday by the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Coordination Center, a nongovernmental agency that monitors Chinas Internet safety.heterolecithaldecimatorThis new route is safer, more convenient and comfortable than the former one, said Dong Mingjun, vice chairman of Tibet regional government, at the pass.and I hope the negotiations can be finished within two years, Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming told a news briefing in Beijing.bauhausionia

          PHNOM PENH - Chinese real estate developer Guangzhou R&F Properties planned to invest billion within five years to build six-star hotels in Phnom Penh and coastal Preah Sihanouk province, a senior Cambodian official said Wednesday.gametangiumGerman prosecutors allege the man handed more than 218 documents to US intelligence between 2012 and 2014.clepeThe Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will hopefully help drive away the clouds of the economic doldrums and channel more positivity to global economic growth, he said.No matter how busy we are, we need to spend time chatting with our families and close friends to nurture the relationship.northernerHuang is also the legal counsel of Guilin Zhonghui Biotechnology Co in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, which has been under criminal investigation since 2007 for allegedly producing counterfeits of Johnson & Johnsons OneTouch blood glucose test strips used by patients with diabetes.

          elateriumpreemieChen Wanling, a professor from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, said construction of the bio-campus and the Foxconn project together indicate Guangzhous established mature foreign investment system is still a hot destination for foreign investment helping the city attract more biopharmaceutical and IT businesses in the future.The Standing Committee of the Shanghai Peoples Congress, the local legislature, on Friday passed an amendment to existing smoking control regulations that took effect six years ago.China has already installed the largest number of solar devices in the world, but that still does not match our production capacity, Wan said.nightscaesural

          Rainstorms caused the Tuojiang River through the county to swell on Tuesday, with the water level reaching 307 meters, 1.A child uses the road as a toilet in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on May 1, 2013.To reach a bigger viewership, Zhong Lifang, the president of China Broadway, says more shows will be staged in Beijing and in Wuhan, in Hubei province, besides other cities.goofI helped her through the application process and even did a Skype interview for her with admissions counselors there.Chinas meteorological alerts are categorized as blue, yellow, orange and red as the severity ascends.hepatomegaly

          ebullientXi said that the development of bilateral ties between China and France — both influential countries on the global stage — will help to build a new win-win model between developed and developing countries.Some are buying homes near top colleges - even though their children are so little they cant walk yet.bravelyThe one below is my observations of travel on the Shanghai subway, written as guide to someone who has never used it.They have kept the economy on a path of steady growth, pulling millions of people out of poverty, substantially improving the living standards of Chinas citizens, and establishing China as a major economic power.dropsical

          chancremundicLin Yuting, a shop assistant at the store, noted that the zongzi sold there this year came only in vacuum-packed plastic bags.A customer speaks to receptionists wearing masks, July 14panys day of masksA company in Handan, North Chinas Hebei province, set a day to allow its employees to wear masks during working hours, according to cfp.They are all located along the Lujiazui loop.From early July to Friday, the average rainfall has been only 58 mm in the province, down over 70 percent from the same period last year.regress

          inlautMany highways were closed in Shandong and Jiangxi provinces, and the poor visibility resulted in a number of collisions on Sunday morning, claiming one life in Shaoyang, Hunan province.He made very sweet desserts in Dubai, and worked to improve his craft in decorating his pastries to attract local customers.The figure is the lowest in five years, according to a China News Service report.gimmickeryThe 47-ton yellow creature-whose name, Long Ma, combines the Chinese words for dragon and horse-will tussle with the enormous arachnid named La Princesse.Private buyers must bring an application approved by a local neighborhood or village committee.

          65 degrees north latitude and 120.Pupils who were asked if they liked the no-homework measure answered yes, and some parents agreed with their children.Experts said the two rules, with senior officials as the major supervision target, mark a shift from the initial shock-and-awe ousting of corrupt officials to perfecting the anti-graft regulations and mechanism.incorporatorfrancophilfierinessThe rooms arrangement is still kept the same as the day when her son passed away.

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