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          The school, founded by a former soldier in 2008, used to train veterans to be bodyguards in its early days.[2020-10-23]
          She said that many illegal structures were investigated only after public complaints and media exposure.[2020-10-14]
          China welcomes the idea of enhancing capacity cooperation with Kenya and other African countries, by contributing its railway expertise and strong record of building infrastructure facilities.[2020-10-17]
          So I cant imagine what half of it is going to do.[2020-10-1]
          5 percent last year to 3 percent, experts said.[2020-10-5]
          The country also has set aside about 10,000 scholarships for countries along the initiatives routes, and reached a broad consensus with those countries in science, culture, tourism and health, aiding people-to-people exchanges, he noted.[2020-10-9]
          Michaels golden-domed cathedral) in Kiev during the early hours February 19, 2014.[2020-10-27]
          She said she tried to prepare mentally and watched some videos when she applied to join the school, but the intensive exercise, such as pull-ups and long-distance running, were still beyond her expectations.[2020-10-11]
          After years of environmental efforts, the once heavily polluted Liaohe River is clean again.[2020-10-2]
          FDI from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and France grew quickly during the same period, with growth from Taiwan rising 44.[2020-10-24]
          At the end of 2001, people aged 60 or above accounted for 10.[2018-12-25]
          Zhan Qimin, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Peking University Health Science Center, affirms AI technology is the driving force in the new smart health industry, especially in the development of precision medicine.[2016-12-18]
          A total of 7 million jobs were added to the job market during the first half.[2019-4-31]
          16, the lowest of the four cities.[2015-5-8]
          We go through reference checks on each candidate and examine the identification documents thoroughly, she said.[2016-9-3]
          Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, was once so desolate that a city councilman said on public radio that a bowling ball could be rolled down the main street without hitting anyone.[2017-12-31]
          Although cheaper than the former astronaut with bionic implants in the Six Million Dollar Man, Rexs technology is more advanced than the fictional bionics on the 1970s US television series that starred Lee Majors.[2018-8-24]
          However, the stipulation is too vague on whether eating endangered animals is legal or not, said Li Shouwei, deputy head of the criminal law division under the Commission for Legislative Affairs of the NPC Standing Committee.[2019-12-11]
          Calling Chinas 3D printing technology companies as good as foreign competitors, Shi said the country is not lagging much in the field, as relevant research had started over 20 years ago.[2019-12-7]
          He added that he hopes to bring the environmentally friendly concept back to his country and promote the building of a similar ecopark.[2017-1-20]
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