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          • Pharrells Happy named Billboards top song of the year
          National weather center predicts heavy rain, snow through Tuesday Heavy smog and haze, which has shrouded northern China for days and triggered criticism of the government, will likely be cleared by a new round of precipitation, the National Meteorological Center said.
          Hunan province was hit by a severe drought this summer due to lingering high temperatures and lack of rainfall.
          Fang wants Cui to delete his postings and apologize.
          New-home prices in the nations 100 major cities averaged 10,833 yuan per sq m in December and showed a rise in 19 consecutive months, a report from the China Index Academy, a research arm of Soufun, Chinas largest property website, showed.
          Yi-yin Wei, a shopkeeper from Taiwan who sells red-bean cakes at Wheel Cake Island, thought the update will be useful.
          Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday.
          A series of watercolor wood print paintings depicting the landscape of West Lake is being showcased in Japan from April 6 to 12, commemorating the 35 years of friendly relationship between East Chinas Zhejiang province and Japans Shizuoka prefecture.
          Chinas anti-graft authority announced it is investigating the nations top official of work safety for alleged violation of laws and disciplines of the Communist Party of China.
          The items became available last week, and some customers have even snapped up the 1-kilogram bullion the bank is offering.
          He also is set to go to Germany before ending his trip in Belgium, where he will visit the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels.
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