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          Tax plays its partChinas auditing authority is now reviewing local government debts nationwide, a move by the Central Government to determine the financial status of local governments in preparation for further tax reforms.[2020-10-31]
          The archives will continue to accumulate and sort relevant materials, he said.[2020-10-31]
          A watermelon vendor shows his fruit to a customer in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, in July.[2020-10-18]
          The decision on Sinas licenses will be reviewed after the company removes all offensive material and revises its practices, Zhou said.[2020-10-14]
          The railway passes through four major wind areas.[2020-10-25]
          In the message, Li said he is deeply saddened and shocked by the loss of lives and that many others were injured in the earthquake.[2020-10-21]
          Practice makes perfect.[2020-10-22]
          The daily average passenger flow is estimated to reach 8.[2020-10-14]
          The two islands, Ishigaki and Miyako, are located in Japans Okinawa prefecture.[2020-10-24]
          2 billion in its most recent fiscal year.[2020-10-23]
          We will divide a river basin based on the usage of the water bodies - for example, whether the water is for drinking water or for industrial usage - and building files of the pollution sources within different divisions of the river basin for further management, said Chen Ming, head of the water resources department at the Ministry of Water Resources.[2018-1-14]
          Juneyao Airlines Flight H01094, flying from Kunming to Shanghai, made an unexpected landing in Hangzhou on the morning of Nov 9, after the infant, Taotao, began to develop worsening symptoms on the flight.[2019-12-2]
          Yan said through captive breeding, pandas are sensitive to earthquakes and have acquired tree-climbing skills, which they use when disaster strikes, as has been monitored in videos.[2016-12-8]
          Wu Xinbo, director of the Institute of American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, said that Beijings air defense identification zone covers an area that features the most frequent US military activities in the region, and thus has infringed on the so-called US strategic interest.[2015-6-7]
          7, indicating sluggish market demand.[2015-4-14]
          But I will continue my investigation because I am a crazy man.[2017-12-17]
          In the five-year program, made public on Monday, the Ministry of Agriculture said it is targeting more than 90 percent of farmland in China using formulated fertilizers.[2019-9-17]
          Some 190 terrorist attacks were recorded in Xinjiang in 2012, a significant increase from 2011, according to the regional public security department.[2019-9-29]
          9 percent organic sales growth, ahead of the full year target, Caine told the groups website.[2015-8-17]
          Students can choose their career direction as soon as they step into high school, Lu said.[2016-2-3]
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